Too many carpet cleaning companies including our own have used many different phrases to describe how good of a carpet cleaning service people can expect.

We know that the CLEANPRO Carpet Cleaning System® is the only process that can destroy any of our competitors when it comes to results. “The wow factor” is something that we enjoy seeing in 99% of the jobs that we do. We set the bar so high, that if we are impressed with our work, we know the customer will be amazed. One thing you’ll be able to distinguish very easily is by looking at the reviews online from our franchised competitors, and compare them with reviews of CLEANPRO business owners. Not only do we get the highest reviews when people describe the results of our cleaning, but 95% of our reviews are also five stars. There are just some people out there, that no matter how good you are they won’t give you 5 stars, so they’ll give us 4 stars. When people describe our carpet cleaning in the reviews, they always use the words “amazing” or “looks like brand new”.

When you look at our competitors’ reviews, you will have a hard time finding customers describing their work as “amazing.” Think about it, if you’ve ever had your carpets cleaned before, were you ever truly “amazed” by the job you had?

We already know the answer to that question. It’s an overwhelming “NO”.

“The wow factor” has been and always will be a term that CLEANPRO will be able to use to describe our carpet cleaning for as long as we are cleaning carpets.  We have a 95% customer retention rate for a reason. We have built our business mostly on word-of-mouth and repeat business for this reason.